Nicola and Flavia Silvestri, brother and sister, are the owners of this new restaurant from Lombardy: this very young couple runs IL GELSO DI SAN MARTINO, a country restaurant opened in 2003.
The restaurant is in Cazzago San Martino (BS), on the South boundaries of Franciacorta, just by the side of the S.S.11, the arterial road which goes across Po Valley connecting Turin and Venice.

NAME The idea of linking the name of a tree to the new restaurant comes from the need of underlining two essential aspects: the relationship between territory and natural elements.
This name reminds a developing plan which takes its roots into the ground and goes upwards.
The choice was the mulberry for these reasons: it is a common and well-known tree in the area.
Thanks to its qualities (it bears copious and appreciated fruits and it is a fundamental component in the productive cycle of the silk), it has always been defined “gold tree”.
It is symbolically associated with the wisdom in decisions, but also with the determination in pursuing aims. In front of the restaurant there is a mulberry.